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About this site

This website is where I put things which I find interesting.

The modern Internet is full of bloated websites, when what most of them only really need is images, text, and formatting. This website is designed to be very minimal, as the web was originally intended to be. This site should quickly load on slower internet connections and hardware, as most pages have a very small filesize. The entire website takes up only around 3 megabytes (as of May 2023).

Check the viewing instructions page if you're having trouble accessing the site. Note that it's formatted mainly for traditional PCs more than smartphones.

About me

My name is Maddie, I am a trans woman living in the United States. My pronouns are she/her. If you want to get a good idea of what I'm interested in, I suggest checking out some of the pages on the website. Occasionally you may see me use the pseudonym Jonathan Lopez or Jon Lopez, it's just a fake persona I use mainly to help with preventing spam email.

One of my main interests is computing. I currently use a 12th generation Framework laptop as my daily driver, with 16 gigabytes of RAM and 750 gigabytes of total storage space, split between a 500 gigabyte SSD and a 250 gigabyte storage module. My main operating system of choice is Linux Mint 21.1, with the Xfce desktop enviroment. I also have Windows 11 (unfortunately) installed to my external storage module to try and prevent it and Linux from fighting. I typically try to use Linux for all school and work related activities. Recreational activities such as gaming are split between Linux and Windows. Read this page for more details.

I am neurodivergent (undiagnosed for personal safety reasons, but I most likely have autism). Please keep this in mind and be patient while talking to me.

I enjoy playing games, however I consider myself to be a mostly casual gamer. I typically play Nintendo games such as the Super Mario, Pokémon, and Kirby series, as well as some other games such as Minecraft.

If you want to contact me, view my low quality posts, or you want to chat, check my Socials page out.